The Fish Trip

St Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 29 November 2016 

Ever since I was a little fish, I’d always wanted to climb Mount Everest.

But I was scared of heights. And also, I was too big to get out of the water. 

My best friend, Jeff the unicorn, came to help me get out of the water. He shrunk me to the size of a shrimp with his magical horn. He taught me how to fly as well. 

“There’s just one problem, Blobby, you’re a fish!” said Jeff. “You need water to survive.”

“Says the one with the magical horn,” I said, sarcastically.

Jeff used his magic to create a floating fishbowl. I jumped out of the water and into the fishbowl. We started flying to Mount Everest but we got attacked by seagulls. 

I fell out of the fishbowl and plopped into a pond without Jeff noticing. 

I screamed, “HELP!” and swam frantically to the edge of the pond. 

I did not stop screaming but Jeff still didn’t hear me with his supersonic hearing because I was too small for anyone to hear me. Maybe I should have stayed big, I thought.

I was wondering if I was going to be stuck in this pond forever when I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. Then I met a crazy clownfish called Claudia. 

She said, “Hi, I’ve never seen you around.” 

“That’s because I fell out of the sky, because I was flying toward Mount Everest, which is, like, my dream,” I said.

“I’ve been stuck in this pond for years,” exclaimed Claudia. “Can I come with you?” 

“You can come, but first we need to find my best friend Jeff,” I said.

Meanwhile, at the summit of Mount Everest, Jeff was wondering where I had gone and sent me a message on WhatsApp. “WHERE YOU AT??”

I replied: “IN A POND. THANKS TO YOU.” I sent him a selfie with me and Claudia dabbing...