Freckles and Gibbys Adventure

Scoil Mhuire Sandymount 5th Class 17 May 2011
Once upon a time, there was a Dinosaur called Freckles and a fat fish called Gibby.

They were best friends.

Freckles and Gibby both lived in Dinowood but Freckles had to sneak Gibby in, in her mouth. Gibby was very trusting of Freckles because they were best friends.

Gibby knew that Freckles biggest wish was to be on Dinosaurs Got Talent.

The day before Freckles’ birthday, Gibby called Dinosaurs Got Talent pretending to be Freckles and asked if she could audition!

Freckles did not get an audition because it was all booked out.

They went along the next day anyway and gave another dinosaur sleeping pills and told him they would help him to sing better.

Freckles then took the other dinosaur’s place. When Freckles went on stage, she saw lots of dinosaur feet in the audience and got scared.

Freckles couldn’t sing but she knew Gibby could so she brought Gibby up on stage in her mouth…