Fred and Molly’s Greatest Adventures

St Angela’s National School, 5th Class, Castlebar, 23 February 2016 

Fred the dinosaur was browsing in Claire’s in the Dundrum Shopping Centre. He was looking for at tiaras for his friend Molly the mouse.

It was Molly’s 12th birthday on Thursday, the 25th of February. 

Fred was very, very excited because he had planned a surprise party.   

Although he had searched and searched, he could not find anything.

Suddenly he saw Mr Butler’s Amazing Antiques Store across the shopping mall hall.
“Good morning, Mr Butler.” said Fred as he opened the door and tripped over his own tail.

“Are you all right?” gasped Mr. Butler.

“Oh yes, I am fine! I am rather excited about my best friend Molly’s birthday,” panted Fred as he got up off the floor.

He added bashfully, “However, I am always tripping over my own tail. It’s my daily routine.” 

“I’m here looking for something special for my best friend Molly,” Fred explained. “It’s her 12th birthday on Thursday and I was thinking of getting her a sparkly tiara.”
“I’ve got something that might interest you. It’s a very odd looking box!”  said Mr Butler…