Fred the Walking Chicken and the Zombie Pigman

Our Lady Immaculate Junior National School, Darndale, 2nd Class, 19 June 2015
Fred the walking cooked chicken went out to buy something for his dinner. 

He got home and a zombie pigman popped out and chased him to his house.

But Fred the chicken got away! 

He pulled a special lever in his house and caught the zombie pigman in a cage.

Jeff the devil came to visit Fred the cooked chicken. 

Jeff saw the zombie pigman and asked, “How did he get into your house?” 

“He chased me,” replied Fred.

The zombie pigman broke out of the cage and went on his knees and shouted, “I’m free!”

The zombie pigman ran out of the house after another chicken.

Fred ran out of his house with a cage in his hands and threw it over the zombie pigman. 

The zombie pigman escaped and went back into his lair underground. 

“I hope he doesn’t come back,” said Fred…