The Free Runner

Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch Ballymun 6th Class 15 September 2011
One day, Sausage the rotten banana was walking down the street and he found a banana peel.

Sausage was horrified because it was the skin of his brother Barney. Sausage took his phone out of his pocket to ring his best friend Justin, the bald beaver.

“Have you seen my brother?” Sausage asked Justin. “I think he’s running around naked!”

“I always knew he was especially rotten!” said Justin. “Maybe we should try it too.”
Suddenly the Rasher family from next door came running over to Sausage and they all said at the same time,  “We saw your brother Barney. He was naked in our back garden, licking our windows!”

Sausage imediately screamed and ran away clutching his phone. Justin, still on the phone asked, “Did you see the Rashers?”

“Yes! Yes!” said Sausage breathlessly while peeling off his own skin.

Behind him, the Rashers shouted, “He’s one speedy banana!”

Sausage flung his own skin behind him, the Rashers stopped in front of his skin and all said, “Eww! That gives us the heebie-jeebies!”

 All of a sudden, Justin Beaver arrived on the scene. He ran past Sausage and ate all the Rashers.

Unfortunately, due to the high salt content, Justin immediately died of a stroke.