The French Bean & The Dragon

​Brittas Bay National School, Ballinacarrig, Co. Wicklow, 2nd class, 18 June 2018

Once upon a time there was a dragon called Danny who lived in the village of SquiddyMac.

There was a villain in the village called Finny who didn’t like dragons with fins.

Danny’s best friend Mr Fassio the French bean, was out on a walk with him. 

Mr Fassion was teaching him to say “Ooh la la.”

Danny kept saying “Oh la wholia” instead.

Mr Fassio was not an ordinary bean as his job was to help dragons say “Ooh la la.”

Mr Fassio said, “You need to learn to say ‘Ooh la la’ or else Finny will come along and start making fun of you.”

(Mr Fassio knew that Danny hated Finny and was also afraid of him.)

Mr Fassio hated Finny as well because Finny had tricked him into becoming a pizza topping once.

“Oh no! He’s really mean,” Danny said.

Suddenly Finny appeared and said, “Ha! You’ll never fly.”

Danny wished he had wings so he could show Finny that he could fly. . .