Friendship or Fame

11th May 2010. St Columba's Glasnevin, 4th Class
Abby woke up one morning and there was a letter waiting for her in the hall.

She was really excited, as she didn’t often get letters.

She was even more excited as it was a letter from Julliard!

She was so excited that she phoned her best friend, Santana.

“Santana, I have great news,” she said. “I’ve just got a letter from Julliard offering me a scholarship. They even put my plane ticket in the envelope.”

“You’re not going to believe it, but I got the same letter!” replied Santana. “It’s amazing that we are both going away together.”

They were so excited for the next two weeks that they kept talking in class and they ended up getting detention.

But they didn’t care because they were about to begin their greatest adventure ever!

Finally, the day came for them to fullfil their dream. They met in the airport.

“I’m so excited I feel like shouting,” said Abby.

“I can’t believe we are both going to Jemalard,” said Santana.

“Jemalard? You mean Julliard?” said Abby.