Galileo and Spikey

Virgin Mary GNS, Ballymun, 4th & 5th Class. 11 November 2009
Chapter One
One day, Galileo the lonely alien, was eating glass, his favorite food. (His second favorite was plastic.)

He had a green head, a blue-gray body, six arms and five legs, one big, giant purple eye, one little tooth in the middle of his mouth, warts all over his face, and hairs sticking out of his ears and nose.

It was his two hundredth birthday, and his ma, Mary Bob, gave him a washing kit, which included a brush. He tried to brush his long, gray beard, but it was full of glass, plastic, and sweets.

Mary Bob said, “Shave your beard!” And Galileo replied, “I love my beard and you know I don’t like washing, why did you buy me this?!!!”

Mary Bob roared angrily, “I said SHAVE IT!!!”

Chapter Two

Galileo ran away from his ma into the woods. He was in such a rush that he didn’t notice Spikey the Christmas Tree until he’d run into him and his beard wrapped around him. Spikey screamed, “LET GO OF ME! YOU’RE PULLING ME ROOTS OUT!”

At the same time, they both said, “What are you doing here?” And, at the same time again, they both said, “I’m running away from my ma!”

So they realized they’ve got a lot in common, and decided to run away together and find out about each other’s lives.

Chapter Three

“Why did you run away from your ma?,” Spikey asked Galileo.

Galileo said, “’Cause me ma bought me a washing kit, and I don’t like washing me-self.”

Spikey replied, “I wondered why you smelled…or is that just me? I don’t like washing myself either!” He continued, “I’m running away because me ma shouted at me to stop shedding on me couch.”

Suddenly, Spikey spotted a pair of massive, star-shaped sunglasses on the ground. He picked them up, put them on, and posed. He thought he looked nicer than everybody.

But, when Galileo saw him, he grabbed them off Spikey, and screamed, “AHHHHH!”

Then he ran behind Spikey, who ended up pricking him by mistake, and Galileo’s finger bled green....