Gangsters, Superheroes and Blobs

St Joseph’s Boys National School, Fairview, 6th Class, 6th February 2012
Sheldon the green blob was at home, in the diamond mine. 

He floated out of the mine into the sunshine and saw his friend, Bonkers the magical green pea. 

“Do you want to go and watch The Adventures of Buck Norris?” asked Sheldon.

“No, let’s go get some breakfast at the slushie bar first.  We can watch it later!” replied Bonkers.

Later on, they went back to the mine to watch television. 
During the advert break, they saw an ad with Buck Norris saying, “Come and meet me at ComiCon next Saturday!”

“Oh my God Bonkers! We have got to go see him!” cried Sheldon.
“There’s no point in going there Sheldon, there’ll be too many people,” said Bonkers.

They decided to go anyway because Sheldon really wanted to meet his idol. 

While they were waiting in the queue, some gangsters broke in  and kidnapped Buck Norris.  Sheldon said, “It’s our job to go and save him!”