George the Pen

​Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire, Parnell Square, 4th Class, 7th December 2015

Once upon a time, there was a pen named George.

He lived in a desk at a school with his best friend, Penny the Pencil, and a really mean stapler. 

One day, the stapler was guarding the desk so George couldn’t escape.

George and Penny were being held hostage by the stapler. George wanted to break out to find more friends to help Penny get out. 

Just then, someone opened the desk and started writing with George. At lunch, the writer put down the pen and George went to find his friends. 

George was thinking of disguising himself as a green pen so he could get out. He screamed down to Penny, “I’m going to get some recruits to help get you out!”

He looked around and he saw Rebecca the Rubber. He shouted out, “Hey, can you help me get my best friend out of the desk?!”

“Yeah I can find more friends in my desk to help you!” said Rebecca. George was so happy, he started jumping up and down. 

All of a sudden, the stapler saw him because his green paint was rubbing off. His blue started to show and the stapler caught him and put him back under the desk.

Meanwhile, in the pen factory next door, George’s family were having their own problems...