Ginger and Max in the Desert

Festina Lente Group

Once upon a time Ginger was born near some water in a desert. Ginger the horse was brown and white in colour.

She had no mane. Ginger's parents were shocked because of it and had abandoned her. She was a lonely orphan.

Ginger felt really hot during the day and the sandstorms that blew in blinded her and made her really thirsty.

At night she was cold as the desert became breezy and freezing.

One night Ginger bumped into a donkey.

“Let’s be friends,” Ginger said.

Max snapped, “You’ve bumped into me, so, no."

“My bad! Sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you, I had sand in my eyes," said Ginger.

Max the scumbag donkey brayed angrily, “Too bad. I don’t care; you shouldn’t be walking on this path anyway.

It’s my territory. Didn’t you see the sign? Hee haw!"

“Like I said, I had sand in my eyes and the rain doesn’t help," said Ginger. She gave Max a note that said it was her territory.

Max threw the note back at her and said, “I just do not care, get out of here!"

Ginger felt alone, abandoned, sad and sorry for herself.

She decided to try and find her mum and dad to tell them about Max the Donkey and how he was taking her place...