Giraffe Eagle

Mary Mother of Hope Senior School, Littlepace, 6th Class, 26 March 2012
On a very hot day in the jungle outside Dublin, Denis the giraffe was jumping around with joy.

“Da, get in here!” he shouted.

“Wha’? I’m watching the footie,” his father replied.

“Da, please! I’ll buy you a Boost,” said Denis.
“I’m coming, I’m coming,” shouted Philp0t0 as he ran down the stairs.
“There’s a lightbulb shining over my head! It’s finally happened, I’ve opened my own Chinese restaurant and now I’m moving to the city and bringing Kineth with me,” said Denis.

Philp0t0 hovered down the stairs mumbling and grumbling something about ‘children’ and ‘Chinese restaurants.’

Denis packed his toothbrush and his undies and went to get his friend Kineth the tiger.

When Denis got to Kineth’s house he tied him to his leg and said, “Put your seatbelt on, its going to be a rough ride.”

They flew to Dublin city and started to work on creating the world’s biggest egg roll.