A Girl, A Book and a Chicken

Fighting Words at the Museum of Country Life, Balla National School, 5th and 6th Class, 15th December 2015

As the sun rose, Alison filled a red bucket with grain and skipped into the yard. She threw a handful of grain to the chickens.

 As the chickens looked up, she noticed a new one with fluffy feathers and black specks covering its neck.

She chased the unusual- looking chicken out of the yard.  The next-door neighbours had chickens too and the strange chicken ran into their yard.

Alison’s mother opened the back door and a look of shock crossed over her face.  

“What on earth are you doing, Alison? Your dad just bought that chicken last night.  It cost an awful lot of money because it is very rare!” she screeched.  

“Why is it so rare, Mother?” asked Alison.  
But her mother didn’t reply.  Alison let out a sharp sigh and herded the chicken back into the pen.  

The mysterious bird gave Alison a distinctive look, the chicken started to scratch furiously in the straw. The chicken began to uncover something…