Glitz n Glam

Presentation Primary School, George’s Hill, Halston Street, Dublin 7, 6th Class, 27 May 2015
It was a glamorous night at the party. Felicia was the most beautiful drag queen in Florida. 

She was so gorgeous that everyone was staring at her. She saw her best friend, Becky the diva, and walked over to say hi. 

As Felicia walked over to Becky, someone stepped on the back of her dress. She tripped and when she fell her dress ripped showing off her hairy legs.

Felicia was extremely embarrassed and her face went bright red. She started crying and ran to the restroom. 

Becky followed her in and gave her a hug. 

Becky said, “I have a spare dress in my car. Do you want me to go and get it?” 

“Is it multi-coloured? I only wear multi-coloured dresses - you should know that by now,” Felicia responded. 

“I’ll take you home instead,” said Becky.

Just as she was leaving the party, Felicia’s arch-nemesis Shinique walked in.

She was wearing the same dress as Felicia, but only better...