Goat Beauty is Penguin Pain

North Dublin National School Project, Ballymun Road, 6th Class, 3rd February 2012
Our story begins with two brothers called Sergei and Paul.  Zey are not ordinary brothers. 

Zey are Latvian goats. Zey want to take over the vashion vorld at ze Fall Fashion Week Line-up but Georgio Armani Mon (de Jamaican panguin), is standing in their way, mon.

Two weeks before the Fall Fashion Week Line-up, Georgio Armani Mon woke up in his leopard-skin satin tunic. 

The five thousand thread, Egyptian cotton sheets on his heart-shaped bed covered in petals were caressing his silky, coconut-buttered skin.

As he was eating his low-fat fish porridge with exotic berries and drinking an ice shakey he said to himself, “Georgio Armani Mon has an idea, mon.

I will make an irresistable pink penguin perfume that will alter the genetic code of whoever samples it and turn them into a mindless penguin for my army, mon.”

He let out an evil laugh, “Mwahahahahahah mon,” but then started to choke on his low-fat fish porridge with exotic berries.

Meanwhile, back in GQ (ze goats’ headquarters), Sergei and Paul heard about Georgio Armani Mon’s evil plan and knew zey had to stop him.

But how?????