Goatasaurus Needs a Pug-Help Me Get a Pug

Francis Street CBS, Dublin 8, 5th Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 22 January 2020

As the sun rolled over the hills, Goatasaurus woke up to his best friend Chunk the alligator gnawing on a chicken.

Goatasaurus was wishing for a pug.

The pug would be fat and flabby with the body of a stegasaurus – a stegapug.

Then suddenly, Big Rusco-Rusco’s henchman the rapters with chicken heads (called chickarapters) tried to kidnap Chunk the alligator.

“Chickarapters what are you trying to do?”mumbled Goatasaurus, because he was just waking up.

“Help!” screamed Chunk as he was being stuffed in a bag and kidnapped.

“Nooooo!” wailed Goatasaurus on his knees with his hands in the air...