Goat's Cheese

Alexandra College Junior School, Milltown, 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 28 September 2021

“Hi, I’m Gary the Race Car Driver. My best friend is Cheesy Chad, a block of cheddar cheese. Stop saying Feta.

He’s not made of Fetal. For the love of God, stop Feta!” Gary said to the news reporter.

In came Cheesy Chad to the interview in his swaggy sunglasses and backwards baseball cap.

Cheesy Chad said to the news reporter, “Hi, I’m from Christmas Island and I drive my Cheesemobile around the Island and run people over”.

“Can you comment more on that?” asked the reporter. 

“No, my lawyer said I can’t,” replied Cheesy Chad.

“Today’s the day I’m going to get the big Cheesy Puff racing trophy.

Then, I’m going to go to a cheese restaurant with Cheesy Chad,” said Gary.

“But that’s beside the point. I plan to win and I plan to rub it in everyone’s face - mentally and physically!”

While racing Gregory the Giraffe, Gregory tripped Gary with his long neck and he crashed his race car for the fiftieth time!

When Gary fell out of the race car, he hung off a cliff, and that's what we call a cliffhanger…