Going to Earth with Janah and Elizabeth

Navan Educate Together National School, Navan, 2nd Class, 9th May 2012
Once, Elizabeth the Alien went out to play with Janah, her friend the Space Tiger.

Janah the Space Tiger said, “So, what’s your greatest wish, Elizabeth?”

“My greatest wish is to go to earth and destroy it,” said Elizabeth, smiling sweetly. Elizabeth added, “However, I’m a little afraid that a tarantula is going to follow me to earth and attack me, and burn me with his laser eyes...”

The tarantula had one red eye and one blue eye. The red eye was to burn people and the blue eye was to freeze people.

First, he would freeze them to keep them on the spot and then he would burn them to eat them because he wanted to own the world for himself.
Janah said, “NO, NO, NO you are not allowed to leave Saturn and go to earth and destroy it!”

Elizabeth said, “Well Janah, it’s the best idea to go to Earth so we don’t get killed here on Saturn.”

Janah did not agree with Elizabeth the Alien. Janah’s idea was that they should make statues that looked like Elizabeth and Janah to leave behind, so that the tarantula would not follow them.

Elizabeth pushed her flying saucer into the air, and it floated due to the lack of gravity. Then Elizabeth and Janah jumped onto the flying saucer and flew to Earth.
In the meantime, the statues did not fool the tarantula.

When he realised that Janah and Elizabeth had tricked him, the tarantula decided to follow them to Earth.

He unfolded his wings and went after them...