The Golden Ball

2nd Class, Central Model Senior School, 21st April 2009
One night in a forest it was very stormy.  Three Head Dragon wanted to go on a top secret mission. He wanted to find the Golden Ball. 

He went to America to try and find the ball but he couldn’t find it.  He asked the help of his friend called Penelope.

Three Head Dragon and Penelope made a magic potion which turned them into humans.  They wanted to be human so that people wouldn’t be scared of them and Three Head Dragon wanted to find a girlfriend.

There was a powerful egg inside the Golden Ball which would give Three Head Dragon and Penelope special powers. They went to Japan to try and find it.  When they got there, they saw a teddy bear on the ground holding a note. The teddy bear said, “I know where the golden ball is.  I have a note. You have to go to Scotland to find the Golden Ball.” 

The dragon took the teddy bear’s map and they saw where they needed to go. They flew to Scotland with their magic wings. 

While they were flying, they saw the Golden Ball on the ground. They met a Dragon Wizard while they were flying...