Grace and The Trouble With Kittens

By Rudi - Age 8

Once upon a time there was a girl called grace. Grace loooooooved kittens. She even made a poem called: Kittens. Ok lets move on from her poem.

She love kittens so much she had kittens on every thing, clothes, pillows, curtains, and even wallpaper. But the trouble was that she had no kittens and what was the fun in that?

Everyone except her had at least one cute pet. Everyday after school she would go to the pet shop and see if they were selling any kittens. But the trouble with going to the pet shop is that you get so upset with them when you forget your money. By the time you get back to the pet shop with your money, the pet shop is always closed.

The trouble with pet shops being closed when you get back, there is no point in going in the shop in the first place. Then when you get back to your house, your parents are always giving out like where were you for example. And if you get home late you still have to do your homework. When you are late home the trouble is that your dinner could be cold and what is the fun in that?

On her birthday her mom got her a... CUTE PUPPY, but oh no that's not what grace wanted that day. She went to the pet shop with her dad. She saw some kittens, but they were overpriced, so she could not buy them. She named her new puppy fluffy because it was so fluffy.

Finally the day came and guess what came in the post... a KITTEN it was so cute. Grace nearly fainted from the cuteness. The kitten was called...drum roll please... Oreo. Oreo was so cute the whole family fainted. Don't worry there was no funeral.

The End