Granny Margaret and the Giving Tree

Rathdown Junior School, Glenageary, 2nd Class
There once was an old silly Granny called Margaret. She had a best friend called Sheila.

It was Margaret’s birthday the next day and her best friend Sheila gave her a pair of underwear.

Granny Margaret didn’t want them so she threw them into a well and wished for a Giving Tree. 

Two days later Granny Margaret and Granny Sheila were having lunch in the garden and suddenly a Giving Tree sprang up.

Granny Margaret looked over and said, “What’s that growing on the tree”. Granny Sheila replied,”It looks like presents.”

Granny Margaret said, “It couldn’t be!”Then Granny Sheila said, “Let’s go and investigate.”

They went over to the Giving Tree and opened the presents and a dog called Sprinkles jumped out.

Granny Margaret opened another present and found a chocolate cake.

Inside the cake there was money.They opened one more present and a zebra called Speedy came galloping out…