The Granny Next Door

Monkstown Prepatory School, 4th Class, 060510
The granny next door is a Supergranny. Once, when she lost her knitting needles, she flipped our car in search of them.

Another time, she flew into her own house window from outer space and she burned our dog’s hair off with her laser spectacles by mistake.

When Arsenal lost to Man Utd, she punched through her trusty wall.

Today, she can’t find her knitting needles because they have been swallowed by a frog who then leaped away to a lake nearby.

She is concerned about her knitting needles because they are her best friend, they make her happy and she uses them to make her costumes.

As well as that, her cat ate her entire supply of Olay Wrinkle Cream.

She can’t go to the shop as a normal granny because she has broken her wheelchair.

By eating Super Marmalde she becomes Supergranny and she flies to the shop.

She flies through the wall of the supermaket to get her wrinkle cream.

Unfortunately, the store is sold out but she desperately needs wrinkle cream.

She sees the frog outside the store and uses her boosters to catch up with him.

While she’s flying, she tries to burn the frog with her laser spectacles but she puts her back out! The frog leaps down a sewer…