Grease and Fur Don't Mix

Scoil Chaoimhin, 4th 5th 6th Class,02/02/2010
 Once upon a time there was a little rabbit, called Coco, who grew up into a big rabbit.

He had a best friend called Jimmy the Rasher and they lived together in a cardboard box as big as a mansion.

Coco and Jimmy walked to a night club for a night out. Coco fell down a well on the way. Jimmy jumped in after him and pulled him out by the ears. That was how Jimmy the Rasher became soggy.

After they got out of the well, they headed for “Coco’s,” the best night club in the cardboard box town. When the two of them got there Coco started to moonwalk and Jimmy was doing soggy eighties dancing.

The DJ came over and said, “I’ll turn you into rabbit and rasher stew if you get any closer. You can’t dance for your dinner.”

Regy and Twinkle, two nice girls, came over to Jimmy and Coco. Twinkle asked Coco, “Do ya wanna dance?”

Jimmy went to them and says, “Hey ladies, want my digits? Ch Ch Ch!!!! It’s the Soggy Rasher Hotline!!”

Coco said to Jimmy, “Get a life, those girls won’t come near you. You’re too greasy!”

The DJ comes over and says,” Hey maaaaan, that’s MY LADY!”