The Great Chicken Escape

St. Oliver Plunkett’s NS, 5th class, 11th June 2021

It was the dead of night as Patritcia the Chicken escaped from the farm. Joe the Shy Donkey was trailing behind her.

Patritcia was looking around for ants to eat when she saw a jetpack beside the ants hill. 

She put the jetpack on and started flying up to the sky, clucking all the way with Joe wondering what had happened to her.

Patritcia the Chicken shouted down to Joe, “This is a one-man jetpack!” 

Joe said, “Leave me behind. I’ll find my way out eventually.”

Patritcia clucked sadly and flew away. As she was flying she saw Benson the Duck behind her.

He was shouting, “I’m going to make you into a chicken nugget!”

She shrieked loudly and sped up, responding, “What’s a chicken nugget?”

Benson threw a chicken nugget at her face and Patritcia ate it with joy.

Suddenly Patritcia realised the true meaning in life and developed a high addiction to chicken nuggets. 

Meanwhile Joe the Donkey found a jetpack in an abandoned shack and flew after Patritcia the Chicken