The Great Escape

St Joseph's CBS Fairview, 8th December 2009
Hotdog the Magic Pig was on the farm. He didn’t like living there. He wanted to escape.

“I’d love to go to China – or anywhere more interesting than this farm!” he thought.

He called his best friend, Mr Sausage Sandwich, for help.

“Please help me get out of here, I don’t like it any more,” he said.

“ I’d rather be a sausage like you.”

“You silly pig,” Mr Sausage Sandwich said.

“Have you forgotten that you have magic powers? You can go to China whenever you want.”

“I’m not doing that again,” Hotdog said nervously.

“The last time I tried magic I accidentally ended up on a reality TV cookery show. I nearly got put in the frying pan!”

“Hmmm,” Mr Sausage Sandwich said. “

Well, I have another idea. There’s a bull in the next field. We can get him to knock down the fence and we can escape the farm and go anywhere you like.”

“WE?” said Hotdog.

“I want to escape too,” said Mr Sausage Sandwich.

The bull knocked down the fence and Hotdog the Magic Pig and Mr Sausage Sandwich made a run for it.

Luckily the farmer, who slept with a double-barrelled shotgun under his bed, didn’t hear anything.

They decided to go to China…