The Great Ghost Mouse Hunt

West Cork Literary Festival & Fighting Words
Particiants: 8-10years

Once there was a cat, he was a ghost cat!

As he prowled through the shadows he thought of his ambition.

“I want a ghost mouse!” yelled the ghost cat.

But ghost mice are not easily found. But it sounds quite easy.

The ghost cat saw a ghost mouse and it ran into a cupboard. He leapt in with a yell.

Then a saucepan fell on the ghost cat and it fell through him and the ghost mouse flew through a wall.

 The ghost cat quickly followed his prey through the wall.

Suddenly the ghost cat’s friend, a real cat named Jeff appeared,

“Need any help?” he said.

“Let’s make a plan together,” said the ghost cat, “But we have to avoid the ghost dog while we’re doing it.”

 The ghost cat friend helped him catch the ghost mouse.


The ghost cat said, “You cannot touch the ghost mouse but you can scare the ghost mouse into a corner.”

The ghost cat turned around as he heard a growl….