The Great Pickle Escape

St Patrick’s National School, Ardcath, Garristown, Co. Meath, 5/6th Class, 14 May 2018

Jimmy the Pickle looked up and all he could see was the lid of the jar.

He had lived in a jar since he was bought from Picklevalu. Jimmy felt trapped and lonely.

He looked out of his jar and he saw a load of spoons. One spoon stood out, because it was old and rusty. Jimmy felt sorry for it.

Jimmy tapped the side of the jar with his head until it crashed onto the counter with a bang. He rolled out with the relief of freedom.

Jimmy saw that all his fellow pickle colleagues had poured out onto the dirty counter and were thrown in the bin, including his best friend Bob.

He wiggled over to the bunch of spoons, making sure not to disturb the evil sleeping cucumbers in the fridge - especially Damien, their leader. He was a menace to society.

Jimmy finally managed to wiggle over to the rusty spoon to ask for help. “I urgently need your assistance,” he said.

“Sure! I want to get out of here too because I’m not being used,” said Barbara.

Jimmy and Barbara would need a master plan to get out of this one.

They needed to weigh down the pedal on the bin to open the lid.

Barbara volunteered to fling Jimmy onto the pedal. Suddenly, they heard a rumbling coming from the fridge…