The Great Potato Break-Up

Straffan National School, 6th Class, Kildare, Fighting Words Wicklow, 10 November 2020

One day, a farmer grew potatoes. He grew some carrots as well. And on that day, Peter the Potato was born! But, not long after, Kevin the Carrot was born.

From day one, their friendship was unbreakable.

Unfortunately, Peter found a wife called Patricia the Sweet Potato and wouldn’t hang out with the homies anymore.

Patricia told Peter, ‘your friends miss you, so we’re taking a break.’

The next day, Peter went out and found another potato girlfriend called Big Betty.

Big Betty wanted to go to McDonalds everyday but Peter was missing his homies.

Peter called Patricia.

‘You can’t hang out with her anymore. We didn’t break up and I didn’t take off my ring,’ said Patricia sassily but angrily.

From the first time Kevin the Carrot saw Patricia, it was love at first sprout.

So, he decided to kill Big Betty to impress Patricia and pretend to stay loyal to Peter.

After Kevin killed Big Betty, he went to talk to Patricia.

‘The job is done,’ Kevin said happily

‘What do you mean?’

‘Big Betty,’ Kevin paused in suspense. ‘She’s gone.’

‘But, I’m Big Betty...’