Grinchy and Gob

St. Francis’ SNS, 5th class, 6th December 2021

There once lived a creature called Jimmy the Gob and his sidekick Grinchy the Goblin.

They fought crime on the bus. There was one villain they couldn’t catch. G the Goat.

The only thing Jimmy and Grinchy ate were Bourbon biscuits.

They always dreamed of owning their own small world, where the trees would be made out of Bourbons.

They couldn’t get their dream of owning a small world because G the Goat kept shooting at them with his laser eyes.

G was training a sidekick Goat called Mitcha the Goat. 

“I’ll help train you,” said G the Goat to Mitcha the Goat.

G the Goat said, “will you go get me some food, just don’t get me Bourbon biscuits because I’m afraid of them!”

Mitcha the Goat betrayed G the Goat and got some Bourbon biscuits.

G the Goat had been annoying Mitcha all week.

 Mitcha ate one of the Bourbon biscuits and started to choke...