St. Patrick’s Junior School, Dublin 15, 2nd Class, 28 June 2021

Mr. Monkey was a cranky man. He lived in a witch’s house in the forest. 

One day, Mr. Monkey was eating chocolate ice cream. He noticed that eating ice cream made him feel happier. 

Mr. Monkey didn’t like being happy, so he went to the shop to buy some cranky soap. When he got home, Mr. Monkey spread the soap all over his face and he felt crankier. 

On a shelf in the witch’s house, Mr. Monkey saw a purple potion. He thought it was purple Kool-Aid. He drank it and it made him happy. Mr. Monkey was very upset at being happy again. He went back to the shop to get more cranky soap - but they were all out of stock!

Mr. Monkey ran back to the witch’s house. He wanted the witch’s flame-thrower to burn the shop down.

On the way, Mr. Monkey saw his best friend, Bob the Grumpy Monkey. 

“Will you help me burn down the shop?” he asked. 

“Okay, but why do you want to burn it down?” asked Bob.

Mr. Monkey replied, “Because they ran out of cranky soap.”

The owner of the shop rang the police. The policearrested Mr. Monkey, Bob and the witch. 

“Stand down and please remain silent,” said the police officer.

The witch teleported them to a place no one had ever been before...