Gucci the Sushi Roll: Big Tay Strikes Back

Rathmichael School, 6th class, County Wicklow, 20th September 2018

Gucci and Patrick were walking down the street when Gucci jumped onto Patrick’s lid.

Patrick is a jar of mayonnaise.

Gucci is a Californian Sushi roll that wants to own a Japanese Hair Dryer Co.

Then, all of a sudden, Gucci’s arch enemy, Big Tay, walked up to them and shoved cakes into their faces.

“Hey!” said Gucci.

“Stop bullying me, I’m not a musical instrument.” Said Patrick.

Then Big Tay tried to eat them but they punched her in the face and ran away.

“You’ll never own a Japanese Hair Dryer Company in The Hills like me.

I’m loaded” Shouted Big Tay.

“We’re gonna build a wall to keep Big Tay out.” Suggested Patrick.

I think you’re going overboard with the Doneld Tr**k references” Said Gucci. “but let’s do it!”...