Hairy Potter And The Evil Scissors

Scoil Thomis, Castleknock 4th Class. Wednesday 12th October 2011
There once was a hairy boy. 

illustration story 1 His name was Hairy Potter and he lived in Cranktown.  The people in Cranktown were cranky.

Hairy Potter had no friends; his only friend was Zapper Zambi, a monkey. 

They were working on a science project together to see if they could grow more hair. 

illustration story 2In Hairy’s school, the teachers were Sir Scissors and Mr Baldy.

Hairy and Zapper Zambi knew that the following week there would be a hair cutting day.  

Every student would have to be shaved!

Hairy and Zapper Zambi were petrified of getting their hair cut, so they began to plot an evil plan to get expelled from the school…