Ham and Joe and the Meatball Martians

Glasnevin Educate Together National School
Once upon a time, there was a cheeseburger called Ham who was thinking of taking over the world. 

Meatballs were always falling from the sky. Joe the fish rolled in the door in his bowl. Joe said, “A giant meatball is heading our way. We better run.”Ham replied, “It’s too late - the shields are down.” Joe said, “Maybe you should sacrifice your lettuce car so the meatball meteor will hit the car instead of us".

There were mini aliens on the meatball.  

Ham met the mini aliens and asked for their help in taking over the world.

The aliens told Ham, “If you give us food, we will help.” Ham said, “You can have the pizza from my dungeon. Joe asked, “Can I come too?”.

Ham told him to stay where they were and guard the building.