The Hamburger and Seamus

Cuilmore National School, Swinford, Co. Mayo, 1st – 6th Class, Fighting Words Mayo

Bob the cow cried as he was in the prison cell.

They had to escape out of prison, or else the prison warden threatened that he’d turn Bob into a hamburger.

Bob cried so much he almost flooded the place.

Later Seamus the monkey came to Bob’s prison cell and asked him, “What are you doing here?”

Seamus was swinging off the bars of the prison cell while kicking the warden.

Then the warden threatened to turn Seamus into a monkey sandwich.

The warden shouted, “These will be lovely for my four children to eat!”

Bob said to the warden, “You are a big meanie!”

The warden replied, “You’re gonna be my beef sandwich.”

Seamus the monkey started scraping at the wall. He found a hole.

Unfortunately Bob the cow was too big to fit through the hole so Seamus climbed through and went to find a way for Bob to escape.

Bob said to Seamus, “Let’s get the heck outta here!’

Seamus yelled, “Oh yeah!”…