Happys One True Love

St. Laurence OTooles CBS 4th class 23rd of May 2011
Once upon a time there was a pizza called Happy. He was nervous because he had to go swimming with his school and he was afraid of water.

He decided to hide in the showers at the swimming pool. There he met an alien.

‘What’s your name?’ asked the alien.

‘Happy,’ said the sad pizza. ‘What’s yours?’

‘My name is Abooba,’ said the alien. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I’m scared of getting pushed into the pool.

There’s a girl out there and I don’t want her to see that I’m afraid of water.’

Abooba said, ‘I’ll protect you. Just come on out.’

When they went out to the pool, they saw a beautiful girl pizza with pink pepperoni pigtails called Wanita.

Happy started talking to Wanita and they found they had a lot in common.

‘Let’s dive into the water,’ said Wanita.

She dived into the pool, leaving a scared Happy by the poolside.