The Haunted Mansion

Gardiner Street Convent Primary School, 3rd Class, 10th May 2010
Once upon a time there was a girl called Emily.  She lived in Ireland. 

She was quite a mean girl because kids had been very mean to her when she was younger.

That made her shy and nervous.

All Emily ever wanted was friends, but she never got her dream.

One day on her way to school Emily got lost in the forest. She went in too deep and found a scary haunted mansion.

She opened the door and walked in.  The door slammed behind her.

She noticed the eyes in the pictures were following her. 

She took a few more steps and fell into a hole.  She took her phone out of her pocket to see if there was any signal.  Unfortunately there wasn’t.

Emily saw something move in the dark and it was Niamh, a friendly ghost.

Niamh said, “don’t be afraid, I’ll be your friend.”

She helped Emily get out of the hole.

Emily said, “thank you very much for getting me out of the hole.”

Niamh and Emily became best friends.

Emily told Niamh that she was very afraid of vampires.

Niamh said, “I will protect you from the vampires.”

Niamh told Emily that there was a vampire in the house.

Emily wanted to run but Niamh said, “wait! I’ll protect you”.

Emily asked what kind of powers Niamh had and she said, “ I can run twice as fast as you!”…