Have You Seen Ernie?

North Dublin National School Project, 6th Class, 2 May 2017 

Moonlight poured through the canopy of the dark forest.

The Cat Lady was closing in on him. She grabbed at Ernie the cat’s tail, but all she caught was thin air.

He scampered up the tall oak tree.

All Ernie could think about was how awful it would be to be stroked by the old hag’s long greasy fingernails.

“Come get your catnip!” she said aggressively.

“No, you’ll never take me alive!” Ernie shouted back.

“But I’m hungry,” said the Cat Lady as she stretched her neck to glare at him.

Oswald the blind frog heard what was going on and waddled over to help. 

He hopped and crashed into a tree. 

“Hey, who did that?” said Oswald. “Aww, my nose hurts!”

Ernie heard the crash and knew it was his best friend.

“Be careful, Oswald, remember what she did the last time when she tried to make frogs’ legs,” he warned.

Oswald swiped his stick at the Cat Lady.

The Cat Lady kicked Oswald out of the way and started clawing up the tree using her long greasy fingernails.

Ernie jumped down on to her head…