He’s coming…

Kilcoole Primary School, 6th class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 3rd March 2020

One day M. C. Chum Techno was getting ready to meet his friend Broski.

That’s when it came and he blacked out.

He forgot his strawberry mint chewing gum and realised he was going to have shtanky breath … again!

Broski finds Chum Techno on the floor having his usual panic attack.

When Chum Tecno’s eyes unsealed and his vision cleared he could see Broski, his friend, looming over him.

Chum Techno had been having a nightmare about Goddy the famer.

Frankly he would have preferred to have been dreaming about his imaginary girlfriend.

‘Scraic?’ said Broski.

As Techno is wakening he starts to scream ‘Oh no! Goddy!

It’s the rake again.

He’s coming back …’