Hedgehog Wars

Straffan National School, Kildare, 5/6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 17 November 2020

Fernando, the hedgehog, falls off the hedge to spy on his owner’s family. He sneaks off to the window to look inside.

Then, Ricardo’s sister catches him. Fernando was sad because he saw his owners through the window eating sausages.

Sausages remind him of his friend who passed away last week.

This made him sad because Fernando and Sissage the sausage did everything together.

Then, Ricardo’s sister, Rebecca, gets into a high speed chase with Fernando. Rebecca’s car flips over and blows up.

A girl picks Fernando up and brings him back to her house.

At the house, there is another girl hedgehog, called Sally. 

He feels like there’s no room for him with another hedgehog there. 

Sally and Fernando both had a little crush on each other. 

“Hello, can you move over a little bit? You are sitting on Sissage’s grave,” asks Fernando. 

“Sissage was my dad,” says Sally. 

“What do you mean he was your dad?” asks Fernando. 

Then, Fernando is sad so he calls Ricardo, the boy/alien/cowboy on his hedgephone and Ricardo comes to pick him up. 

“Hey Ricardo, what’s up?

Can you pick me up because I need to get some coffee” says Fernando. 

“No, cause I’m in the North Pole,” replies Ricardo. 

“I just met this beautiful hedgehog and I need some love advice,” says Fernando

“No, you didn’t help me when I needed help with Veronica,” responds Ricardo, “Well, you’re on your own, Fernando.”

And then, a big sushi roll comes out of nowhere and asks “Do you want to get on my back, I will bring you home?” 

Suddenly, the sushi roll went in a different direction from Fernando’s house and he stopped in front of Sally.

Sissage, the sausage’s ghost appears in front of Fernando…