Help! Get This Nappy Off Me!

St George's NS, Balbriggan, 4th class
Andrew is in his cot making a plan to rule the world and making a mess.

He’s throwing his toys around. He is laughing an evil baby laugh. 

Andrew’s big evil brother Stinky Winky, his great est enemy, comes in and puts a nappy on Andrew’s face to scare him. Andrew screams as loud as he can and cries.

Then Stinky Winky says, “I’m going out now so you better behave yourself.”  Andrew replies  “ Yeah, right”.

Their mother comes in and says, ”Stinky Winky, you’re grounded for throwing nappies. Go to your room.”

The boys’ mother leaves the room for Andrew to have a nap. When he’s alone, the cot mattress flips over, he goes down a slide into a secret laboratory.