Her Greatest Fear Was Homework!

By Evie, age 10 – Co. Meath


It was Monday evening and Quinn was playing with her dog Sally in the back garden.

Quinn's mum came out and asked "Em, darling Quinn, would you mind doing your..." She hesitated. "....homework?"

"What did you ask me!?" Quinn replied in a very scared voice.

"Homework?" her mum replied nervously. 

"Aaaaagghh!!" Quinn screamed in terror and hid behind Sally. "Where is it? Is it near me? Is it going to get me?"

Quinn jumped up and ran inside to her bedroom.

"Oh dear," Mum said.

The next morning when Quinn and her parents were eating breakfast, her dad asked, "Eh, my little sugar cake, by any chance did you, eh..." There was a long pause. "...do your homework?"

"Aaaaagghh!!" Quinn screamed. A few picture frames cracked from the volume of her scream. There was quite a racket!

Just then there was a knock on the front door. Mum went to see who was at the door.

It was their neighbour, Ms. Mole.

"What was that racket? Is anyone hurt? Should I call an ambulance!?" Ms. Mole asked in a panic.

"Oh nothing! No, no need, Ms. Mole, " Mum replied.

"Then what was that awful screaming about?" asked Ms. Mole.

"Well...we simply asked Quinn to do her homework again, said Quinn's mum.

"Oh, you know better than that Ms. Plant" began Ms. Mole. "I have told you a hundred times to stop asking Quinn that!"

"Yes, yes you have. We are trying," Mum said.

Ms. Mole sighed and went home.


Quinn left for school and Dad left for work. Mum decided they needed a plan to stop Quinn's fear of homework.

This was her plan:

She planned to tape Quinn's homework all around the house.

Mum thought as soon as Quinn came home, she would ask what was going on and how could she make the homework go away.

Quinn's Mum planned to say that to get rid of the homework stuck to the walls, Quinn would have to conquer her fear and just do the homework.

It seemed like the perfect plan.

Mum got to work taping the homework all over the house (I know what you're thinking, that's a lot of homework!).

Later that day, Quinn arrived home from school. What she saw made her scream in horror.


"Would you like to get rid of it, my darling Quinn?" Mum asked.

"Yes, yes, yes ...a million times YES!" Quinn yelled.

"Well then, darling, you will just have to do the homework, or it stays put," Mum said.  quite happy with herself.

But, instead of giving in and doing the homework, Quinn fainted.

"Oh no, what have I done?" Mum said to herself.

Mum lifted Quinn up to her bedroom and lay her on the bed. She sat there, hoping and waiting for Quinn to wake. Five minutes passed and Quinn finally woke, much to Mum's relief.

She hugged Quinn and cautiously asked, "Em, Quinn, would you like to do your homework now?"

"Yes, okay, yes Mum," answered Quinn.

Mum's plan had worked! Quinn's fear of homework was gone forever!