Her Last Wish

St. Joseph's Girls School, 5th Class, Clonakilty Fighting Words Cork 23 February 2021

One late evening, there was a big crash outside of the house. Kelly ran outside and saw that her parents were covered in blood.

Dead. She dropped to her knees in tears and pulled her phone out of her pocket and rang the ambulance. Just then her dog Bonny came running out and licked her face.

She obviously didn’t know what was going on.  A woman with a sweet voice answered and Kelly had nothing to say .

When she eventually said something, because her voice was shaking, she said ‘Come quick, my parents were in a car crash and I don’t know what to do’. When the woman with the sweet voice replied she said “Ok Mam, I need you to stay calm. 

I need to know your address so we can come as soon as we can”. Around 5 minutes later she heard the sound of sirens coming down her street as she lay there crying. As the ambulance arrived she saw a white, cracked gem in her mothers’ hand.

She knew it was very special to her so she picked it up. Then she went back to the house and put the gem back where her mother always kept it.

She glanced out the window and saw a familiar car driving up the road. It was the car of her best friend, Jake. When she went running out to tell him what had happened the ambulance people stopped her and said ‘sorry, your parents are dead”. Kelly dropped to her knees and started crying and crying. The ambulance people said ‘it’s ok, we’ll take care of you.’ Jake ran over to her, bent down and told her it would be ok.

‘You can stay with us until you get your bearings’ he said. Jake was always very kind to her - he was blind, but they were best friends anyway. Kelly ran back inside, grabbed the gem and squeezed it really tight. Then Kelly realised something - she ran out to Jake and asked him if she could take her dog too. 

‘I don’t want her to go to a foster home’ she said in a raspy voice. Jake took the dog and brought her to his car. Kelly packed her suitcases and hopped in the car with Jake and they drove to Jake’s house.

Kelly didn’t want to leave her house but she knew that she had to. She couldn’t stay there by herself. She was only a young teenager.

When they got to Jake’s house Jake said ‘you should get some rest”. Kelly tried to get to sleep but she couldn’t. Then she remembered she had the gem so she got the gem from her bag and she held on to it.

She felt a little better. As she held onto the gem it started to glow...