The Hobo's Wish

St Catherine's, Rush. 6th Class. 4th October 2010
Once upon a time Hobo Bob was sitting in a tree. He was playing with the squirrels and eating nuts.

He saw his friend T-Shabalala being bullied by a french editor. She was constantly correcting him.

Hobo Bob got the squirrels to chase the french editor.

Just then a princess came along. “Hey, that’s my mother!” she said to Bob.

The princess liked hobos and it was love at first sight!

“I can’t go out with you Bob if you’re scared of my mother” said the princess.

Bob wanted to try and get along with the mother, the french editor. He looked through the bins to find a present for the mother.

His friend T-Shabalala was in the bin and he decided to give his friend, the T-bone steak, to the mother.

“Sacre bleu!” said the mother. She was happy to get the steak.

But T-Shabalala wasn’t pleased. “That’s not fair!” he cried. Just then one of the servants took T-Shabalala into the kitchen, thinking he was a normal steak…

To be continued…..!