Hopes and Dreams

​Derrywash National School, Mayo Castle Bar, 2nd 3rd & 4th Class, 19th April 2016

Ray the School Girl was practising her cartwheels and her handstands in the downtown gym in New York City.

In walked her best friend Lilly and asked her if she would like to go for yummy ice cream.

“Of course, I would love to, after all the practice I am starving”, exclaimed Ray.

“What flavour ice cream would you like and where would you like to go” asked Lilly,  “Lets go to the park” said Ray.

The girls got two large bubble gum and mint chocolate ice cream cones.

As they were walking in the sunshine, they saw a huge hairy, furry, large Arachnid scurrying towards their legs, “RUN, RUN” screamed Lilly as she tries to squish it, but she missed.

As they run away they crash into a very tall man holding some flyers, in Central Park.