Hot Dog in Fire Land

Navan Educate Together N.S., 1st Class, 23rd June 2009
Hot Dog was at home in New York City. He did not know that he was a fire dog.  He went outside and he saw that the Empire State Building was on fire. 

Hot Dog wanted to go into the building to help the people inside, including the man in charge. He got really mad that he couldn’t help and suddenly he burst into flames!!!

Hot Dog said to the fire, “Stop, fire, stop!”  Hot Dog waved his paws and the fire moved into the air and then into the Hudson River.

Meanwhile, Mr Spiky the bearded dragon had seen the fire in the Empire State Building and went outside.

Mr Spiky went into the smoky building and swallowed up all the smoke.  He could spit it out as fire into a fireplace.

Mr Spiky saw Hot Dog in the smoke.  “Where do you come from?” he asked Hot Dog. 

“I was about to ask you the same thing,” said Hot Dog.

Mr Spiky said to Hot Dog, “What is your greatest wish?”

Hot Dog said, “I’d like to go to Fire Land."

Mr Spiky said, “I’d like to go and live there too.  I could help you.”

Hot Dog and Mr Spiky started on their journey to Fire Land. They got lost on the way and ended up in a water park.

“Let’s get out of here!” Hot Dog and Mr Spiky said at the same time.  They ran out of the water park because they were both afraid of water.

Hot Dog and Mr Spiky saw Fire Land in the distance.  There was a gate made of fire.  Hot Dog took Mr Spiky by the hand and they jumped over it.

Hot Dog saw some of his cousins.  They were fire dogs too.  Mr Spiky saw some other bearded dragons.  They were eating fire ice cream, strawberry flavoured. There was lots of other fire food. There was chili, the hottest chili in the world.

After Hot Dog and Mr Spiky ate the chili, they needed a drink.  They reached for a glass of water.