Hotdog the Hotdog Dude’s Adventure

Lucan Youth Fun, Afternoon Workshop, 3 July 2019

One day Hotdog the Hotdog Dude went and saw Peppa the Rhino.

George the Rhino came along because he had a crush on Peppa the Rhino.

Dug the Pug came along and ate George the Rhino.

George the Rhino was Hotdogs the Hotdog Dude’s friend.

So Hotdog the Hotdog Dude and Dug the Pug had a boxing match in Madison Square Garden.

Dug the Pug wins and then Peppa the Rhino eats Hotdog the Hotdog Dude.

Peppa the Rhino ate him because he looked good that day.

She doesn’t like Dug the Pug because he ate George the Rhino.

Peppa chases Dug the Pug and he jumps into a can. The can rolls down a hill...