How Jimmy and Cookie Man Defeat the Witch and Rule the World


St Colmcille’s Junior National School, Knocklyon, 2nd Class, 13 October 2015

Jimmy the flying pig was playing in the yard at Imaginary School with Big Chocolate Cookie Man. Jimmy saw a Witch flying in the sky. She landed in the yard.  Jimmy tried to fly but his wings wouldn’t work. 

“I wouldn’t try to hurt you,” said the Witch, “I was just coming to play. Why don’t you come to my house?”

Big Chocolate Cookie Man was big enough to hop over the fence. He didn’t believe that the Witch had just come to play. 

Jimmy said, “Okay.”

On their way there, the grass was nice and green. They came to a tree that was half dead and half alive. The Witch made a door appear in the tree. They went through the door and it led to the Witch’s dungeon. 

The Witch locked Jimmy up. Jimmy took out his phone and sent a text to Big Chocolate Cookie Man.

PS: she’s got a spell to turn me into cooked ham!!”

Big Chocolate Cookie Man sent a text back. “Why not rashers?”

The Witch heard the phone beep and she took the phone from him.

Meanwhile, Big Chocolate Cookie Man called a cookie company to order one hundred cookies and one empty box that could fit a human-sized cookie in it.

“I need you to deliver these cookies and me to the Witch’s address.”