How Molly’s Dream Came True

St. Fiachra's SNS 4th November 2021

Hi my name is Molly and my sister’s name is Samantha.

I’m good at art and my parents want me to continue with it so I can make money but I want to be a rockstar.

We live in Las Vegas in Nevada. 

One night, we tried to succeed in Molly’s dream of becoming a rockstar, but we came across Adam the bully. 

“Give me your guitar,” said Adam. “I’ll smash it against the floor”

When he smashed it, Molly cried. 

“Give me some money so I can buy a new guitar” said Molly. 

“Go get the money yourself” said Adam running off with the broken guitar in his hands. 

Me and my best friend Asami decided to chase him.

Adam out-ran us.

We looked for jobs and got a job on Friday.

Then, we were locked in, until one day...