Ice Cream the Unicorn’s Big Adventure

Presentation Primary School, Terenure, 3rd Class, 4 December 2017

Once there was a unicorn that lived in a magical land and her name was Ice Cream.

Her greatest wish was to travel the world and make new friends because she was all alone.

One day she was feeling very sad because she got a reminder of how an evil unicorn made a storm that swept her friend Billy the Duck away.

Ice Cream was in her house, which was on a hill.

It was raining and there was lightning.

The weather changed to how she was feeling.

The wind pushed a tree over and the tree bashed into the window.

“The world is ending!” she screamed out loud.

She decided to pack her rainbow bag with a years supply of water and her favourite umbrella.

She also packed her favourite blanket that Billy the Duck gave her.

She set off…