I'm a Towel, Get Me Out of Here!

Scoil Fhursa Filmore West, 5th/6th Class, 3rd June 2009
One day Peanut the towel was born in Dunnes Stores. He saw a person walking by wearing flip flops and the toenail fell off and started talking to him.

“What’s the craic?” asked Agnes the toenail.

Peanut replied, “I’m umkay.”

A man passed by and wiped his nose with Peanut and a big dirty green snot came out. It was stuck to Peanut’s forehead.

Agnes came over and helped him get the snot off.

When they got it off they ran straight out of the shop.

On the way out they met Steve the strawberry. Steve was nine months old and out of date.

Steve said “What’s up my homedog?”

Then Steve got squashed by a granny doing wheelies in her electric wheelchair.

Peanut and Agnes kept running. As they were running out the door, King peanut dropped Agnes with a dig, and said, “Nobody escapes Dunnes Stores.”

Agnes the toenail cracked King Peanut.